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More than 90 years of visual storytelling…


LifeSprings has been helping businesses and individuals tell their stories since 1919. What started as a full-service printing and publishing firm has evolved with the latest print and graphics, state-of-the-art studio technology, and an award-winning video production team.


LifeSprings personnel are structured into teams of specialists, each focusing on a specific area of communication, such as content, graphic design, video or web. From these specialists, we will assemble a project team designed to meet the unique development needs of your project. For example, a team working on a promotional video for your business or ministry will most likely consist of a producer from the video team to oversee production, a writer from the content team to craft the script, and a graphic artist from the design team to create custom graphics. A smaller writing project, on the other hand, may require only the services of one copy editor or proofreader from the content team. This flexible structure allows us to ensure quality throughout each phase of your project, from concept to completion, no matter how large or small the project may be.

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